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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been around since the early days of search engines. There are certain ways to code a website that will attract a lot of hits. It`s bothersome and tedious to do optimization, so SEO companies are making a killing, right now. If you are able to provide excellent optimization, you are sure to enjoy a lot of business. The thing is, not everyone can handle doing everything that effective SEO entails. Good thing there is SEObot. It is an amazing SEO platform. Once the SEObot plug-in is installed, it manages every aspect of the SEO process. It does this from a discreet back office. Add SEObot to your own website, and see for yourself. We believe that once you know how easy and effective SEObot truly is, you will want to share it with every webmaster you know. SEO resellers can make good money, if they promote the right service.

We are GETSEObot, and we offer a remarkable affiliate opportunity. Our SEO resellers are proud of the services they provide, and their downline is delighted to have SEObot. The proprietary SEObot platform is fully automated. If you become one of our SEO resellers, you may brand SEObot as your own, and resell it under your own business name. Call it anything you like. If you choose our Private Label affiliate level, you may even set your own prices. You will save 15% off the SEObot price, and you can charge whatever the market will allow. At this affiliate level, you will manage your own sales and do your own billing.

Many of our SEO resellers promote our Co-Label and White Label services. They enjoy the same services as the Private Label, plus a whole lot more. These levels come with our full range of SEO products. At the Co-Label and White Label affiliate levels, we handle sales inquiries and close the deal once your client decides to buy SEObot. At these levels, we also do all of your billing, under your business name.

SEO, if done correctly, will raise rankings with the major search engines. When a web surfer wants to find something on the net, they type a word or phrase into their search engine. These words are known as `keywords`. If your site has these exact keywords included built into your content and blogs, the search engines will find you. There is, however, both an art and a science to writing keyword-rich web content. The trick to writing with keywords is using them in the proper and acceptable density. If you don`t use the exact keyword or phrase enough times, you will not show up high in search rankings for that word or phrase. Use the keyword too many times, and the search engines will consider your website to be spam and spit you right out. SEObot makes search engine optimization a lot simpler than it actually is.

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