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There has never been an SEO reseller plan quite like GETSEObot. That`s because there has never been a robotic SEO expert like SEObot before. Every website on the planet needs good SEO. Trouble is, coding and maintaining effective search engine optimization is a tedious task. Managing top-notch SEO can be a full time job.

Without excellent SEO, a website will rarely be visited. A website may offer the most fabulous widgets in the world, but if nobody can find them, it`s a deadend deal. Optimizing your website by yourself isn`t easy. It can, however, be effortless. SEObot will tend to all the time-consuming details of effective optimization management. Once installed, the elegant SEObot plug-in creates a discreet site-within-a-site and orchestrates every aspect of the website`s search engine optimization from there. There`s no need to change existing pages. The website to which the SEObot is added will look and feel the same as it always did. SEObot will add a few small links to the bottom of the home page. Adding relevant content, blogs and/or press releases is done through SEObot back office. When new content is added, SEObot automatically submits it by XML rules to all the major search engines for indexing. Blog posts submitted through SEObot will be posted and automatically linked back to the site. If you participate in our SEO reseller plan, you will be providing a very valuable service to your internet clients. And you can do it under your own business name. If you want to get in on the ground floor of the very profitable and exciting world of search engine optimization, be an SEObot SEO reseller.

At GETSEObot, we offer three SEO reseller plans. They are our White Label, Co-Label and Private Label SEO. With our Private Label SEO reseller plan, you may remove our name from the product and brand it with your own company name. With our Co-Brand and White Label, you get more. We will handle the customer calls and close the sales. We will do all your billing, under your name. We will deal with any customer support situations that come up. Of course, any of our SEO reseller plans will increase your net profits and delight your client base. Be an SEO hero with the modern and amazing GETSEObot SEO reseller plan. If you resell SEObot and your client starts using it, they will see their search engine rankings improve in a very short time. A GETSEObot SEO reseller plan is an ideal way for webmasters, hosts and designers to provide state-of-the-art SEO without any of the grind work. If you would like to learn more about how to resell SEO services, call GETSEObot at 866.936.9944 as soon as you can.

Seo Reseller Plan
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