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Are you looking for an SEO platform that is easy to use? Then welcome to the future. Do it SEO is SEO simplified. With Do it SEO, we put the power of the Internet in your hands. So, what is so special about our Do it SEO platform? Our SEO platform is a patent pending technology that automates the SEO process and lets you do more with less. Once you join our growing network of websites, our simple web plugin will be installed into your website, opening up a portal of interchanging links and overall relevancy that will increase your page rankings on the major search engines, and therefore more traffic to your. The best part of our SEO platform is that Do it SEO offers this web plugin free. All you have to do is join us and we will offer five free keywords for you to try us out. Once on our free service, you are always welcome to purchase more keywords at $9.95 each. If you feel confident with our product and would like to purchase one of our paid services, we offer various packages starting at $49.95. We also offer a money back guarantee for those who purchase one of our paid SEO platform packages. Give Do it SEO a call for more information on this and any other questions you have.

So how does Do it SEO platform help you raise your page rankings? Our SEO platform is a patent pending technology that allows your page to be optimized for searches by the main engines yahoo, Bing, and Google. The way Do it SEO optimizes sites in various ways with automation of the most of the process. Once you join our site and our web plugin is installed, you will have access to such features as keyword content manager, link management, website monitoring, ranking reports, and so many more. You can also keep your eye on the ‘website monitoring’ tool, which lets you know that everything is working fine by ‘pinging’ your website every five minutes. We will notify you if for any reason you website is down.

With our SEO platform and its link management, you are able to fully control the automated links that bring relevant sites together. If you do not like a certain site that is linking up with you, you have the power to cut that link off. Our content manager feature allows you to control the written content for each keyword. Whether you write this content or choose to have us take care of it via our paid services, you can control the content. Our B.log feature also lets you add full B.logs to your page. This is a great way to maintain your content up to date and to announce any news to your site, such as sales, or new items.

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