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GetSEObot.com offers three different service packages for your convenience. Our first SEO package option is a free package that lets you try out our automated technology free. Why would we give away patent pending technology away for the price of, on the house? Simply put, we are so sure that you will fall in love with our technology after seeing it work for you that you will upgrade to one of our other paying packages. Our free SEO package starts with five free keywords for you to get started. You can research and write the content for the five keywords that you choose for your free SEO package.

Once you choose your keywords, you write the content for the keywords and upload via our easy to use SEO management platform. You can change the content or add as much content as you like, including your Business Logs (B.Logs) to make sure your website has fresh, relevant content. This will help our search engine submission software to send out information to the major search engines that there is new content on your page, increasing your relevancy. You can upgrade to our $49.99 SEO package if you want us to handle all of the writing of your content. You will still have complete access to your platform, including page rankings, which are updated every 15 days.

Our best priced SEO package though is our $17.95 per keyword package that includes as many keywords at $17.95 per month that you want. With this package we are in charge of writing all of your content. With this popular SEO package, you can expect top 10 ranking for all of your keywords within 6 weeks of you signing up.  So, what are you waiting for? Give us a try today!


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