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Many successful SEO companies are also GETSEObot SEO affiliates. Reselling SEObot can be both lucrative and prestigious. Once the SEObot platform is in place, it manages every aspect of SEO. Relevant inbound links will automatically lead to the SEObot-managed website. Post blogs and they will automatically be linked back to the site. All blogs, press releases and relevant content added to the website will automatically be crawled by the robot and then submitted to Google, Bing and Yahoo for indexing. SEObot makes this happen by creating a new XML map each time content is added to the website. XML makes documents and words readable by machines. There is plenty of art and science behind the SEObot, but it is entirely user-friendly. If you become one of our SEO affiliates, you will be doing yourself and your clients an enormous service.

If you are a web designer, web developer or host, you may want to be one of our GETSEObot SEO affiliates, as well. Any website can benefit from expert SEO. Most web builders know about SEO, but they do not necessarily want to manage it themselves. Keeping SEO current is a very time-consuming and tedious task. It can be a full-time job. If you have thirty hours in your day, go ahead and do your own optimization. If you`re like most webmasters, you have better things to do than bang out keyword content all night. Writing interesting, keyword-rich content is only part of the battle. You`ll have to learn a fair amount of coding, as well. If you ever wished for a smart robot that could manage your SEO requirements, you are in luck. SEObot is an elegant plug-in that is able to take care of the business of search engine optimization.

There has never been an SEO expert quite like SEObot. Once installed, the SEObot plug-in creates a discreet site-within-a-site and handles every aspect of the website`s optimization from there. There`s no need to change existing pages. The website to which the SEObot is added will look the same as it always did. SEObot will add a few small links to the bottom of the home page. Brand our service under whatever name you choose. We offer three tiers at GETSEObot. Our Private Label is ideal for webmasters, designers and small SEO companies. With this label, you set your own prices and handle your own billing. You also handle any customer support questions your clients may have. With our Co-Brand and White Label, you get a lot more. We will handle the customer calls and close the sales. We will do all your billing, under your name. We will deal with any customer support situations that arise. Of course, any of our SEObot affiliates programs will increase your profits and delight your client base.

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