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Search engines are regularly updating their index of websites. When you suggest the URL address of your site to a search engine submit it gains the chance of being included in the updated index. This is known as search engine submission or registration. This is the first step in any search engine marketing tactic.

Getting listed

Ideally, one creates a website so that it will gain audience in the World Wide Web. This is particularly true for businesses that are quickly seeing the benefits of having a strong online presence. But to gain any presence at all, one must submit the requirements. When you submit your website, you are essentially getting listed in the phonebook of the internet. How can anyone call your number (visit your website) if you`re not listed at all?

Am I in the list yet?

People usually submit their websites because they want to see results immediately. When you launch a new site and just leave it for the search engines to see, it may take some time before it gets indexed in the search engine directory. When you perform a submission, this may speed up the process. The sooner your site gets included in the index, the sooner your site will be found by potential clients and customers.

Knowing your business

Before you submit your business site, you normally have to come up with a short description of your business first. For example, if your site is promoting a fitness center, don`t write something claiming that this particular fitness center is the best there is. You`re better off sticking to something more general and informational. Discuss how fitness plays a key role in one`s health and longevity, or how in today`s hectic world, people should still find time to exercise. Staying away from over-advertising your site will increase your chance of getting listed.

How to register

You can basically submit your site by registering your business site`s URL. This URL can be just for the home page of your site, or you can also choose to submit more or all the pages in your site by using a sitemap. Providing your homepage is usually enough, since the search engine crawler would most likely be able to find the rest of your site.

Going all the way

While search engine submission is not a guarantee of a higher placement, it does speed up the whole process. Of course, it is much better if you pair up this submission by search engine optimization. Here at Blackwood Productions, we go all the way. Promoting business sites through the Internet is not just our job, but our passion. Count on us to improve your website with combined know-how and dedication.

Search Engine Submit
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