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Here`s a problem for many business or company websites: They are so intent in getting a high search engine ranking and having visitors in their sites that they often forget what to do once the visitors are in. How do we know that they forget? Well, if they didn`t, they would have installed a search engine software in their site.

Looking for something?

Let`s say that you visited a website of a university. If you`re a student looking to enroll, you would probably look for registration requirements, schedules, classes offered and the like. If you`re a professor looking for a job, you would look for available teaching positions. If you`re an alumnus who wants to visit your old Alma Mater, you would search for any upcoming alumni events. But let`s say that you`re doing research about landscaping. In this case, you want to know who designed the university grounds, and other things that may not be on the websites main menu. Bottom line is, many different people will demand many different things from your site. This is the issue that a search engine software wishes to address.

Reading minds

Of course, if you`re a business site, you can probably predict most of what the visitors are looking for. After all, you made it clear that you contain this particular product or service, so what else could they be looking for when clicking your site? You may be right, but the truth is you can never foresee what the visitor is really looking for. Say he found your site when he looked for running shoes. He may very well be interested in running shoe designs in the 1970`s. And luckily, you do have it. Now how are you going to lead him to the page that contains what he wants?

This is where a search engine software becomes crucial. It prevents your visitor from wading through pages and pages of irrelevant content to get to where he wants. Without a search box, your visitor will get so frustrated and immediately leave the site, perhaps vowing never to come back. In this case, not only your site is despised but your company as well.

Don`t be a cheapskate

Now that you know how important a search engine software is to a website, you probably want to avail of it right away. But please, no cheapskates. Do your research as well. You may end up with a low-quality software that produces the same irrelevant results, or in some cases, no results at all.

Beyond SEO

When it comes to search engine marketing, Blackwood Productions knows all the tricks of the trade. We have backstage passes to the workings and effective tactics in search engine optimization and more. If you decide to work with us, your site visitors will not only increase, but they will stay in your site.

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