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In doing business online, chances are you will get frustrated with the millions of websites that either offer the same product as you do or personal sites that review these products. If so, then you would want your website to be placed at the top ranks in major search engines so you can attract more customers and earn more profits.

That`s why the Search engine optimization service is becoming a hit nowadays. Search engine optimization (SEO) allows for your site to gain top rankings in search engines by highlighting significant terms you used. Significant terms are mostly words or phrases web users are likely to type in search engines when they`re looking for a specific product or service.

The basics

To understand SEO better, it is best to know how websites get ranked by search engines. There are two deciding factors: a.) the presence of significant key words found in the body and title, and b.) link popularity  how much good incoming links your site has. Site architecture is also important. That`s why it is important for words to be spelled correctly in your site. Some people capitalize on these errors, thinking they will get more hits through incorrect spellings.

The role of SEO, then, is to ensure that all of the factors are met. One important feature of a search engine optimization service is copywriting. This means SEO programs edit your site so that it will be reader-friendly. At the same time, it highlights the important terms that will definitely help you get on top of your game.


Among the number of SEO companies, one company that provides search engine optimization service is GetSEObot (www.GetSEObot.com). GetSEObot offers a vast range of services, which include 10 Inbound Links, Local Business Solution, Small Business Solution, and Corporate Business Solution Packages.

Affordable Prices

Blackwood Productions seek to improve your Inbound Links or link popularity at a very affordable price of 9.95 per month per keyword, or 17.95 per keyword per month on the WE DOIt for your plans. This is cheap as compared to other SEO companies that offer $10-$20 for just one link.

Another search engine optimization service provided by GetSEObot is their local business package, which allows for optimization of websites through highlighting geographical words. This service has a range of $249 to $449 depending on the number of key words.

Finally, Small and Corporate Business Solution Packages will redesign your site including the text, design, and navigation to help you get to the top. The Small Business Solution Package`s price range is $599 to $999 depending on the number of key words while the Corporate Solution Package offers a $2999 package for a contract of one year.

Search Engine Optimization Service
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