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Search Engine Optimization For Dummies







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Any website that wants to attract more visitors (and more business) will need a search engine optimization for dummies manual unless they have a company like GetSEObot and its easy to see why. Think of the search engine as the doorman or bouncer to your favorite crowded club. The more you gain his favor, the more he will likely let you in without getting in line. Wooing a crawler

There are several ways that you can gain the favor of a search engine and in effect, improve your rank. The whole process may be called search engine optimization or SEO. Actually, you`re not attracting the search engine itself, but the crawlers that the engines use to locate and index websites.
Using keywords is probably the most common path to a higher rank. Keywords are what a searcher types when he is looking for information online. Once the keywords are typed, the search engine takes this as a cue to start going through sites that are relevant, and will first display the ones that it deems most fit.

Putting the keywords in your webpage is one method of working your way to the top. The crawlers will read your web page to measure its relevance by the presence of keywords. Crawlers also tend to be impatient so it`s best to mention keywords as early as possible--say, in the title or in the first paragraphs.

However, some webmasters have used this method to cheat their way into a better ranking. They do this by excessively repeating the keywords in their website, thinking that the search engine has no choice but to rank it well. This tactic is called spamming, and can result to the search engine banning your site altogether.

The missing link

The number of links pointing to your web page can also affect how you rank in the search results. This is called link analysis and is harder for webmasters to tamper with. Basically, when other relevant sites are linking to yours, then you must have important content. Think of a link as a recommendation. The more websites recommend yours, the more searchers will visit your site.

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Here at GetSEObot, we know how complicated it can be to be able to rank high in search results. But after more than five years of research and training, we developed what it takes to provide you with the best web services available. Improving search engine ranking is our passion, and we can guarantee you that more searchers will be developing a passion for your business as well.


Search Engine Optimization For Dummies
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