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When adding a new page you first must select the keyword in which this page will be about. It is important that you write relevant content around the this keyword. Search Engine Optimization in the past is different from Search Engine Optimization 2.0 which is here now and allows for plugins and website structure components to be plugged into your website easily.

After you choose your keyword you will need to fill in the resource short text. The resource short text is basically your resource snippet that will link to your full content page. Having all your resource snippets on one page helps create relevant content around your keywords. Each resource snippet will link into your website reference page which helps create internal site structure. It helps create internal link structure because your resource snippet is using proper anchor text to link to your content pages.

Next you will need to fill the Resource Full text area, this area is where your full content page will be created, Adding relevant content around your chosen keyword(s) is very important here.  Please write natural unique relevant content around your keywords for your pages. This will help ensure google indexes your website reference pages quickly and give ranking value to your pages.

You can add bold, italics  words, add images and hyperlinks and even html tags giving you full capabilities to make your website reference pages unique and eye catching for your visitors.

After you have completed filling in all your content, click yes beside activate and then click add page.

Thats it your done. You can always view or edit your website reference pages by clicking on the website reference tab at the top of the page and at the bottom of the page you can click edit which will allow you to change your website reference page on the fly.

Search Engine Optimization 20
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