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You get paid the instant we get paid.

Our platform uses paypal as a backend processor. The platform breaks off your percentage as soon as the clients card is processed.

There is no minimum payout.

Enjoy the benefits of being an SEM reseller and earn extra. It takes only minutes to resell SEM services and help clients boost their online presence through a well established automated product that provides excellent solutions for website owners and developers without the added work of traditional and time consuming search engine optimization.

If your business deals with helping clients market their products through traditional media, you may want to consider adding search engine marketing to your list of services. Do not worry if you have no tools for SEM because there developers like GetSEOBOt that already have ready-made technologies that you can rebrand and sell as your own. You now have the opportunity to resell SEM products and services under your brand, and you also earn additional profit. Private labeling or white labeling is a great way to make extra money and at the same time give your clients an affordable means to promote their business on the internet.

By reselling SEM services, you can boost your earnings and even earn the confidence of your clients. Online marketing enables makes their products and services more available online, thereby improving their bottom line. Paid placement, paid inclusion, and contextual advertising are some of the techniques used in SEM. Social media is fast becoming another tool for online promotions.

You can continue running your own business and personally deal with your clients when you resell SEM. That is just one of the benefits you can get when you join the private label program of GetSEObot. You also get 50% residual profits when a client buys our patent-pending SEO platform. The SEM products of GetSEObot are automated, making it easy to do on-site optimization and link building. To get started, you simply need to sign up in this website and we will review your application.

Resell Sem
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