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Our platform uses paypal as a backend processor. The platform breaks off your percentage as soon as the clients card is processed.

There is no minimum payout.

Expand your web based business and resell search engine optimization services from GetSEObot. More and more webmasters, designers, and hosts are starting to benefit from this booming industry, allowing their own clients to have better web presence and high rankings in some of the most used search sites like Google and Yahoo.

Private label or white label SEO is one of the ways your company can earn additional income from your current clients. Even if your business has little to do with SEO, you can resell search engine optimization to help your customers succeed online. SEO can contribute to better search engine rankings, more traffic, and higher conversion rates for your clients' websites.

There are many SEO companies providing opportunities private label opportunities for interested entrepreneurs. To resell search engine optimization, you need to find a reputable company with a reliable and proven technology. Make sure that you are signing up for a company that gives you ample customer support in case you need it. The SEO product should also be able to guarantee the best results, backed up by previous successes.

GetSEObot is a resellable SEO platform that optimizes websites by creating relevant links and creating a site within the website that has exclusive relevant content. Our state of the art technology makes search engine optimization an automated process, so it lessens the effort and time consumed by your clients when it comes to doing SEO.

Once you are qualified to resell search engine optimization, you are also qualified to rebrand the product. This means you sell the SEO platform using your own company name or brand and you do not need to disclose to your clients where you are getting it. You do not have to reveal who your clients are to the company that made the product, and best of all, you get to share the earnings from the sale. GetSEObot gives you 50% residual earnings when you resell its WEB WORKS 2.0 plug-in.

Sign up for a one-time fee. To get started, you can leave your domain, email, and password in this website and agree to our terms. We will review your application and if you qualify, you can get started in rebranding.

Resell Search Engine Optimization
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