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When implemented properly link exchanges can boost popularity rankings, helping websites achieve top positions in search engine results. GetSEObot has a large directory of relevant websites you can automatically exchange links with. You only trade links with sites in the same category, making sure than each exchange is relevant.

Link exchanges is deemed the “poor man's SEO” because they are traditionally done for free. All you need to do is trade links with other webmasters whose websites have similar interests as yours. Doing that lets search engines like Google see that you are worthy of higher rankings, so you get higher traffic. But because many websites are doing link exchanges, do they still work?

The answer is “YES,” but you need to make sure you are exchanging links correctly. Google advises webmasters to have relevant and unique content so that other websites naturally link to them. However, that sounds easier said than done, especially if you are a new business trying to sell your service or product over the internet.  To build a solid base, you can enlist the help of GetSEObot and use its revolutionary Web 2.0 plug-in called, “WEB WORKS”. It automatically lets you connect it with other websites that are relevant to your content.

Some companies turn to paid link exchanges thinking that they can get better results that way, but in the end, it all depends on the quality of the service and the SEO practices. A good SEO company combines traditional SEO practices with link exchange methods. Here at GetSEObot, you can get 5 free keywords when you sign up for our automated and relevant one-way and reciprocal link exchange platform. A free account also comes with twice-a-month reports on your rankings along with great tools like keyword content manager and website monitoring. We also include website link management and website plug-ins in the package. To get started, simply provide us with your domain and email. Learn more about our services by exploring this website.


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