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A link exchange software works by helping you track down any link exchanges that you may have. However, no matter how useful a link exchange software is or any link exchange program for that matter, make sure that you know how link exchanges work before installing or subscribing to anything.

 Don`t just ask for a link back or link to any website just because it ranks high in search engine page results. Search engines look into related content and are considered to be of more importance than just linking because of page rank. Take into consideration as well that a particular website can rank quite high in one search engine and low on another. Make sure that you create links to and request links from websites that visitors to your website will find relevant.
Before you agree to a reciprocal link, check a website`s source code. If it contains anything with nonindex or nonfollow, avoid it. Protect yourself from websites that have codes that make a link exchange appear to be reciprocal but are really one-way in nature. One-way linking won`t benefit you at all.
Don`t link to sites that have more than a hundred links.
 Check and see how your link ranks on a particular website. If it appears at around 9, that isn`t too high.
 Same as the case in real life, you want to be affiliated with the best people. Do make sure that you only create reciprocal links with websites that are of value, meaning they rank high as well as have relevant content to yours. If you are linked to any website that has been blocked or banned, you risk having your website banned or blocked as well.
Do not make link exchanges with any link farm. A link farm is a website wherein it contains more than 100 links per page. A website of this kind does not contain much on their own and instead function like repositories for links. Engaging with a link farm might cause you to be penalized by search engines because of link spamming.
Know all the content of any website you are interested in linking to. Take into consideration that while a link exchange is done through the web owner or administrator of a particular website, this does not mean you are linking to the whole website. Rather, you are only creating an exchange with a particular web page from the website.
Reciprocal links should take up no more than 5% of all your website`s outbound links.
Maintain a list of websites wherein you have reciprocal links with to ensure that they do put up a link back to your website as you have done with theirs. If you link can`t be found, contact the website owner or administrator to have it restored.

Free Relevant Links
A link exchange software basically works to make the process of link exchanges easier on you. Apart from tracking down link exchanges, a link exchange software can also track down your website activity. When you sign up for free at www.freerelevantlinks.com today, you gain access to FreeRelevantLinks` Ranking Report that you can run everyday to track down the position of your chosen keywords in five major search engines. Other reports available show you your total home page visits, total link page visits as well as a list of all your link partners.

Link Exchange Software
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