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The good news is, there are other more efficient ways.

Why bother to exchange links?
The link exchange program has long been utilized by website owners and administrators since the start of the battle traffic. Over the last few years, however, use of this process had become more common as a number of search engines have started favoring websites that have more links. In the beginning, this preference for websites with more links was actually very much accurate at measuring the popularity of a particular website. However, some search engines don`t function like this anymore. Instead, they measure the popularity of a website through the incoming traffic of links to that particular website. And because search engines are now much more intelligent, they now assess the value of an incoming link �€“ it should have the same theme or related content as the website it is linking to. Because exchanging links between websites that do not have related content affect rankings in search engine result pages, website owners and administrators should look for a link exchange program that allows them to exchange links with websites that have the same or related content as theirs.

Link exchange directories
Usually, web owners and administrators look into directories for link exchanges in order to build up the popularity of their links. To do this, they tap into other web owners and administrators in the directories who are interested in exchanging links. Some of these directories for link exchanges come for free while others also charge you before you can gain access.

Using a link exchange program this way does pose certain risks, however. Exchanging links with a wrong website can actually affect your website negatively. If you are using directories, the best way to go would be to maintain �€œstrict�€� linking. �€œStrict�€� linking functions by accepting links from and/or linking to websites that have related content only.

Free Relevant Links
To get only maximum results, make sure that you only get relevant links to your website. By signing up with www.freerelevantlinks.com today, you get to choose as much as five keyword phrases as well as two descriptions that promote your keyword exposure that in turn increases your website`s rankings in the search engine result pages. When you sign up with FreeRelevantLinks, you`ll never have to worry about managing a link exchange program again.

Link Exchange Program
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