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How Does The SEO Platform Work?

When you install the free version of the SEO Platform you will be asked to follow these easy steps:

1. Install the WebWorks plug-in.
Once the WebWorks plug-in is installed your website is automatically connected to our business community consisting of over 100 relevant categories (similar to the DMOZ project)

2. You will then be asked to complete a form that includes the following question:

  • Select your business category or create a new one
  • Enter your 5 free keywords
  • Write a small paragraph for each keyword (we provide examples)
  • Write a full article or description page for each keyword.
  • Your free ranking reports will activate automatically

3. The SEO Platform will begin the automated SEO process once the form has been submitted:

  • No need to change, alter or optimize existing content pages!
  • Newly submitted content is given high priority
  • Your page content is given high priority
  • Relevant reciprocal inbound links will automatically be pointed to your website
  • All new content and blog posts will automatically be submitted to the search engines for indexing
  • On-Page optimization is done automatically on the pages you add through the seo platform
  • Automatic site "uptime" monitoring
  • Automatic site monitoring for malware
  • Automatic search engine "ping" notification and confirmation
  • Automatic search engine index monitoring
  • Automatic duplicate content checking
  • Automatic XML sitemap created after all site modifications or content updates
  • Automatic inbound One Way linking is done for those on the WE DOIT FOR YOU PACKAGES!!!

4. You will also be given access to your own back office management area to manage the following:

  • Links Report - See your Linking Partners (you decide who can link to you and who you link to)
  • Number of active keywords (you can add or delete keywords)
  • Edit content your newly optimized content through the keyword content manager
  • Upgrade to add more powerful options with our cool Add Ons.
  • View your Website Activity Log to see what the SEO Platform is doing on your website and others.
  • XML Sitemap, view and make changes to your xml sitemap
  • Ranking Reports, keep track of your keyword positions across Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • Contact a GETSEOBot support team member








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