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Avoid the hassle and frustration

Getting an inbound Link on your own can be a tedious process, and in some cases, frustrating, too. In the past, webmasters used to contact other webmasters to exchange links with them in hopes that the others would link them back. However, there are some cases wherein the links may not be valid anymore or the links are simply removed. There are a lot of different types of free links and all of them can create different impacts on the traffic of your website.

Try a general Link directory

General directory links are popular among new websites because they are usually free. This type of free link works by establishing your link in other websites so you can get at least a hundred hits from where you are placed in a free directory. They are able to contribute the increase of your website`s ranking, but they usually cannot direct too much traffic to it.

Try a niche Link directory

Webmasters find niche Link  directories more useful compared to general directories. This is because niche directories group their links based on the topic or subject matter of the website. Grouping is useful especially if someone is searching for a particular topic so they can easily find your website. This type of free links directory is more effective in building traffic for your website.

Getting reciprocal links

Some linking services may require a reciprocal link. However, if you add so many links to your site and most of them are not working or simply useless, they can easily make a bad impact on your website`s credibility. Keep in mind that having low credibility can affect your site's ranking, so you need to ensure that you have links coming from quality sites so if you are signing up for a service that can provide you with reciprocal links, make sure that the links are going to be reviewed for credibility and usefulness.

The importance of quality Links

Submitting your link and a short description of it to a directory that provides free links to subscribers may not be enough. You need to make sure that what you are signing up for can provide you with not just a lot of links but also quality links. Furthermore, you need to ensure that your link is going to end up in websites that are really significant to the topic of your website. Try to sign up for a service that can give you a lot of quality links. In this game, quality is better than quantity.

Where to get quality links

Get links that are significant and are related to your website`s topic so you can increase its ranking and traffic. GetSEObot.com can provide you with a quality free link exchange service.

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