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Google xml sitemaps







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Google XML sitemaps are effective in letting search engines, specifically Google, index all the different pages within a website. A sitemap is basically a list of pages contained in a website, along with other URLs that may be overlooked by the normal crawling process of Google bots. Sitemaps may also be used to provide metadata about other kinds of site contents like videos, images, etc.

Google XML sitemaps were created so that web developers and web owners can publish a comprehensive list of links from their sites and submit them directly to search engines. Because many sites have a good number of pages available only through user forms and user entries, sitemaps containing URLs to these pages are able to help web crawlers find these pages. Today, four of the biggest search engines in the web use the same sitemap protocol, which means having one allows you to be recognized by Ask, Bing, Yahoo, and Google, as well as update your page information periodically. While sitemaps do not necessarily guarantee that every single link will be crawled and indexed, it is still a great way to let search engines recognize and learn about your site as a whole. Google XML sitemaps are submitted directly to search engines, while others wait until search engines find it. XML coding is more precise than the usual HTML coding, and syntax errors are not tolerated. For this reason, an XML syntax validator should be used to make sure no error goes undetected. Creating a sitemap is important for SEO, among other optimization techniques and solutions available at GetSEOBot.

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Google xml sitemaps
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