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The importance of text links

Some computers tend to block banner ads, which can prevent users from seeing what they can offer. However, free text links are never blocked, so that the visitors can easily read what the link has to say �€“ and to you, this means more exposure.

The obvious advantage

There are many advantages to free text links. First, they do not get in the user`s way (which cannot be said about annoying pop-ups). Second, they can easily be read by users who are truly looking for specific information. Third, since they are written as content, they can easily be tracked down by search engines, increasing your rankings. Furthermore, since they are free, you do not have to worry about expenses. You can use the money to improve your website�€™s service or features instead.

Increasing your traffic

Another advantage of free text links is that they can help increase traffic in your site. Since your website can easily be linked to other sites and vice versa, search engines and users can easily track them down. However, make sure that you are you are availing of a service that can provide you with free but very relevant links.

Why relevance matters

Your website needs to be placed in the right category so it can easily be located by the users when searching for a particular topic. Correct categorization can help search engines identify your website so they can provide your link to the user. Free Relevant Links (FRL) is a website where you can avail of a free link exchange service.

How it works

All you need to do is to choose up to five keywords and two descriptions specific to your website. It is important to determine these words, as they are going to provide your site the exposure it needs so it can properly be linked. Also, you need to choose the category that is relevant to your website and then install the code for the links in your website`s link page. Links are automatically exchanged with any other site that joins the category that you are in.

Best of all, FRL gives you the option to block some link partners who you think are not worthy of having your link. Also, the links in FRL are regularly reviewed by the staff to ensure credibility. This is important so you won`t have spam links in your link page and links that are not relevant at all to your website.

You can join for free at first and then you can upgrade to a paid account later on if you want to.

Free Text Links
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