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A free reciprocal link exchange program for your website can help it gain the credibility, traffic, and increased search engine ranking it deserves. Free reciprocal link exchange programs work by linking your website to other websites and vice versa so you can both benefit from the increase in traffic, search engine rankings, and credibility. 

How it can help

Free reciprocal link exchange is also known as link exchanges, link swaps, or link partners. In one way of another, they can help your website increase its traffic and they can also provide your website with a better ranking in search engines. To ensure that the system can provide the right benefits for your website, make sure that it lets you categorize your website in a particular category so people who are doing a specific search can easily find the link to your website.

Some problems

Sometimes, people tend to abuse free reciprocal link exchange by turning it into their only marketing strategy to promote their sites so they can gain more popularity. Often times, some of these links are not even relevant to searches and end up looking like spam or simply useless. When search engines rank sites, remember that they take into consideration the quality and the quantity of the other websites that are linking back to yours.

Do your research

Finding link partners involves looking for them in search engines that can complement your website`s content but cannot directly compete with it. Some webmasters prefer to link to their direct competitors if they find that they can benefit from it. You also need to take a look at their link pages and find potential link partners. However, you also need to make sure that they link back to you.

What`s wrong with traditional linking?

Traditional linking involves having to contact the webmaster of the site you want to be linked or affiliated with. However, the process can be time consuming and tedious because there is no guarantee that they can link you back. Furthermore, they can easily remove you from their link page if they want to.

Say goodbye to traditional linking

Free reciprocal link exchange lets you put traditional and manual linking to rest because this new way of exchanging links with other credible sites are usually automated. Furthermore, you are in control of the keywords and categories of the websites that are going to show in your link page. Here are some of the ways on how you make it work for you.

Quality links only
To ensure that the links can provide you with more traffic and improved search engine rankings, you need to find quality links. Free Relevant Links (FRL) is a site where you can sign up for a free link exchange service. The links that we are going to provide you are only the ones that of high quality and relevance that belong to the category where your website is listed in.

Free Reciprocal Link Exchange
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