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A free link exchange program involves the process of exchanging banner or text links among websites that share the same kind of interest or topic. Often times, a free link exchange program can help your website increase its traffic by providing a lot of inbound links from other sites.

Why exchange links?

Link exchanging is one of the widely used promotional strategies for webmasters. There are programs that come with a fee for further search engine optimization. However, if your website is new or you are simply cutting down your website maintenance expenses, a free link exchange program may be enough to do the trick.


Link exchanging is used by webmasters for direct marketing. This method for website promotion became more popular because search engines pick websites that have a lot of inbound links. Inbound links help improve the ranking of websites in search engine results because they are considered as determining factors for the significance and relevance of a website for a particular topic.

No more traditional linking

One of the ways to exchange links with other websites is by directly contacting their webmasters and offering to exchange links with them. However, there is no guarantee that they can link back to your site if you have linked to them already. Furthermore, they can link back to you for the first 2 months and then remove you afterwards. This can affect the manner search engines rank your site.

Something for free

An automated free link exchange program can save you from all the hassle and frustration coming from traditional and manual linking of partner sites. All you need to do is to sign up for a program, such as the one from Free Relevant Links (FRL).

The how-to

You are going to be asked to provide up to 5 keywords in the form of words or phrases that are relevant to your website`s content, followed with 2 descriptions about your website. The next step is to categorize your website in the category that is most suitable for it. Remember that the keywords, descriptions, and the category are important to ensure that your website can easily be linked back to and from websites that are completely relevant to yours. Then, you need to install the link code in your links page so you can see all the links that are relevant to yours.

More features

You also have the option to block other sites that you think is not relevant to your website`s link. The links are also updated and reviewed by the staff to ensure that they are not spam and that they are truly relevant to the websites listed within the category that they are in. The free link exchange program from Free Relevant Links also provides you with reporting tools that you need so you can conveniently keep track of your website`s performance in search engines, etc.

Free Link Exchange Program
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