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A free automatic link exchange takes advantage of any inbound-link needs in order to rank higher in the result pages of search engines. Signing up for a free automatic link exchange essentially means that you agree to let a certain numbers of links to be automatically added to your website and consequentially, get link backs from other websites that have similar  content to yours (or at least come from the same general category as you do).

Reciprocal Linking

Linking reciprocally happens if two websites are mutually linked, ensuring traffic for both parties. Website administrators and owners normally subscribe their websites to linking directories, specifically for reciprocal link exchanges, in order to make sure that they get higher rankings in result pages of search engines. Reciprocal linking between websites is now integral to the search engine optimization process because of the development of an algorithm for link popularity. The link popularity algorithm functions by ranking websites based on relevance, according to how many link backs are made to a particular website and the anchor text used.
Three-Way Linking

Reciprocal linking also has a somewhat special case, three-way linking. Three-way linking has become popular because search engines nowadays have given less and less importance to regular reciprocal linking. It works by linking website A to website B, website B to website C, and website C to website A, thus developing a linking system that appears to be more natural to search engines.

Link Exchange Networks

Of great importance to the search engine optimization process is how popular a link is. To find out how popular a link is, find out how many linkbacks from other websites point to a particular website there are. To do this, web administrators and owners engage in manual link exchanges with other websites that have related content to theirs or at least come from the same general category as they do. However, hopping from one website to another and then contacting the different webmasters can be time consuming.

That`s where networks for link exchanges come in. Different networks for link exchanges are available but common to them is that the links they provide come with a server side script. The server side script is then in charge of getting links from a main server and then placing the links within a website`s HTML code.

Relevant Links Only

All you need is your full name, email address, and password to sign up for a free account with Free Relevant Links. After that, you can enjoy free automatic link exchange with all other members in your category. Apart from a free automatic link exchange, you also have access to FRL Ranking Report that track downs your keywords` positions in up to five major search engines. Other reports you can access show you your total home page visits, total link page visits, and a list of all your link partners.

Free Automatic Link Exchange
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