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Direct Marketing
Link exchanging has been in use for years as a direct marketing tool. Over the years, the practice of link exchanging has become increasingly common. Because websites with link exchanges have a lot of inbound links, they rank high on search engine result pages. Search engines usually prefer websites with exchange links because these links can be an accurate means of measuring how important a particular website is. As a result, link exchanging services are now on the rise.

Initiating Link Exchanges
There are different ways to initiate link exchanges with other websites. The most basic is to directly contact another web owner or administrator and manually exchange links. Another way is to look for websites interested in link exchanging is through forums or discussion boards. Going through forums and discussion boards just makes it easier for you to find a website relevant to yours.

Types of Link Exchange Directories
 Paid: As the name suggests, making use of a paid link exchange directory would require you to pay a fee for the service. Paid directories do make the whole process of link exchanges easier but they normally require you to install a software to help with link exchanges.
Free: Free directories for link exchanges cost nothing but typically only provide you with interested websites you can contact for link exchanges. As such, link exchanges are done manually.

Reciprocal Links, One-Way Links, and Relevance
Recently, marketing companies have come to say that a search engine no longer places as much importance on reciprocal links as it did before. The general idea now is that how popular a website is can now be determined by the number of one-way incoming links. Apart from having a good number of inbound links, some practitioners also agree on the importance of being linked to relevant websites. Websites don`t necessarily have to exchange links with websites that only have the same content as theirs. It would be enough to be in the same general topic or industry.

Free Relevant Links
Web owners or administrators who use exchange links normally experience an increase in website traffic. Sign up with www.freerelevantlinks.com today for free and you can get just that! You know that just linking to other websites is not enough. When you become a FreeRelevantLinks member, all you have to do is choose a category that best suits your website, and you automatically get link exchanges with all other websites in the same category as you are. FreeRelevantLinks also provides you with a free daily ranking report as well as other reports that show you total home page visits, total link page visits and a list of all your link partners.

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