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Automated xml sitemap generator







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An automated XML sitemap generator is a tool which ultimately helps generate an instant sitemap for a website, which is then submitted to different search engines. Sitemaps help search engine robots locate relevant pages, as well as help visitors navigate within your site easier, leading them to relevant content.

A sitemap is simply a list of pages within a website that are accessible to users and crawlers. It helps both visitors as well as search engine bots to find pages on a specific website. The list is often organized in a hierarchical manner, putting the most relevant and important pages on top. A sitemap can be manually created or generated through a special automated XML sitemap generator. These tools crawl the website and help index its pages using an XML document structure. Sitemaps are important for search engine optimization in that they make sure that all of the website’s pages are accounted for, and can be found by search engine bots. For website users, sitemaps act as an effective navigation aid, providing them an overview of the entire site and its content. Without a sitemap, many website pages may not be recognized by search engines, making sitemap generation an important aspect of SEO. An automated XML sitemap generator can come in the form of a web application or software, helping complex sites in indexing their pages. Automated SEO tools can be found at GetSEOBot, a leading provider of effective and affordable SEO solutions.

GetSEOBot revolutionizes SEO through a brand new automated SEO platform offering state of the art SEO services. We start at the core of your website and expand the work outward through different plug-ins that help your site interact with other relevant websites available in your category. Optimize your site without having to alter much of your existing pages.

Automated xml sitemap generator
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