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Integration of Human and Machine Skills Produces Optimal Results and New Business Opportunity

The task of implementing a successful SEO campaign using GetSEObot is a blend of human and machine activities. The machine part handles the redundant, non-subjective tasks and the human part applies the necessary skills based on experience to execute the campaign. We hope you can see the benefits of automating specific SEO tasks as a way to reduce costs, increase productivity, and attract new business.

What Exactly is a White Label SEO Reseller?

A White Label SEO Reseller is an individual or company that has access to clientele that require some form of Search Engine Marketing. This has primarily been SEO companies but also includes: Social Media Optimization (SMO), Content Writing, Mass Classified Postings, Video Marketing, and more. The White Label means that the back end or outsource, in this case GetSEObot, is meant to be confidential, hidden, a secret, unknown, and undetectable by the end client.

Reselling SEO can either be an independent component or an integrated service as an extension to your existing business structure. Either way, reselling SEO through GetSEObot can produce extraordinary profits for your business without any initial overhead. Sign up today and start increasing your income by becoming a GetSEObot reseller.

25% Commission from a SEO Affiliate Program

Why refer a client to an SEO Company for a hopeful insignificant commission when you can get 25% of the top line billing? Increase your overall company revenue dramatically by becoming a White Label SEO Reseller? You own your clients, and your company establishes its profit margin. It is like having your own proprietary automated SEO solution under YOUR own company name offering very affordable rates. More importantly, the system works! Most of GetSEObot's clients see first page rankings in as little as 60 days. No human SEO can do the amount of the daily tedious work an automated SEO system can deliver.

- 25% Commission
- Advanced SEO Training
- Automated Client Billing Through PayPal
- Benefit From High Margin Incremental Sales Revenue
- Second Tier Reseller Support
- The World's Only Fully Automated SEO Platform
- Unprecedented Results
- Proprietary Technology Provides a Competitive Advantage

By: Robert Bibb


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