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Google PageRank

PageRank is an important tool in attaining good search engine placement. This link analysis algorithm measures a site’s link popularity and page value.

How it works

Google looks into the inbound links that a given page has. These links are considered as “votes,” such that the more inbound link a website gets, the more “valuable” (important/authoritative) it must be. The logic is that people tend to link to relevant content, so that pages that get more inbound links are usually superior to pages that nobody links to.

However, the number of links is not the only consideration -- the quality of these links is just as important. The higher the PageRank of the website that gives the link, the more weight it has in “voting.” Google also look into the number of links on the page where the link is from. Generally, pages with more outbound links are given less weight.

PageRank formula explained

PageRank follows the following formula:

PR (A) = (1-d) + d(PR(t1)/C(t1) +….+ PR(tn)/C(tn)

't1 - tn' = pages linking to page A

'C' = number of outbound links that a page has

'd' = 0.85 (damping factor)


From this formula, it is easy to see that an inbound link from a PR4 website with only 5 outbound links is more valuable than an inbound link from PR8 website that has 100 outbound links.








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