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With over 9 years and 3 million dollars invested the product is sure to impress your clients. We are offering a very unique and powerful Private/ White label opportunity for qualified resellers. Imagine being able to offer your clients a complete "turn-key" SEO solution that does not require a complete re-working of their website.

GetSEObot in an ever-evolving matrix of Internet consciousness introduces WEB WORKS a Web 2.0 Component Plug-in for your website . The patent pending Web 2.0 plug-ins are utilities that service your website. GetSEObot's eye for technology has lead us to our newest creation of the WEB WORKS 2.0 Search Engine Optimization technology which allows the meshing of website data and server data instantly across the world wide web.

Our Web 2.0 Plug-ins encompass the idea of relevant search engine optimization and starts at the core of the internet which is your website and moves outward by using Web 2.0 plug-ins that let your interact with available relevant websites in your same category.

Imagine if you will your website is a house and your house (website) is hosted on a server somewhere in the world all by itself. Your website has no way to communicate to the outside world unless Google, Yahoo or another search engine comes to your site and includes (indexes) you into their database so that you can be found. Web 2.0 Component plug-ins allow your website to connect to your relevant community via XML pipeline which can stream anything including their form capture pages along with document siloing techniques and many other advanced Search Engine Organizational tools that allow for better website placement and search engine traffic.


Affinity Vortex Marketing - No Ordinary SEO!!!

GetSEObot has created the first world's business network for evolved search and new innovative ways of online Internet marketing, which we call Affinity Vortex Marketing. Essentially we are organizing and systematically allowing new communities to develop while providing good results to those searching for relevant keyword phrases.

There is a huge need for your website to be relevant to your viewers and not about trying to rank at the top of the internet by keyword stuffing or spamming blogs with links back to your website. GetSEObot focuses on themed designs not by choice but by what search engines tell us by whom they rank at the top of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP's).


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